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Bye-Bye, Aloha, Yo! | Tom Toce Music

Bye-Bye, Aloha, Yo!

Bye-Bye, Aloha, Yo! appears on

Hopelessly In Love: The Lyrics Of Tom Toce
Featuring Carole J. Bufford, Jack Donahue, And Jennifer Sheehan
with a guest appearance by Jane Monheit

Sung by Carole
Music by Jeff Lazarus

Piano: Matthew Martin Ward
Bass: Boots Maleson

Bye-Bye, Aloha, Yo!

Try to work things out?  My god, I
Tried till I thought I’d burst
There can be no doubt our love has died
Here you heard it first
So I’ll quit pretending there’s a chance
We can save the day
I used to need the agita
But somehow I’ve come to say, hey
Bye-bye, aloha, yo
Pack up my bags and go
Don’t ask what’s wrong
That’s a whole song
A big megillah I ain’t about to sing
You might as well be asking
Why does a blizzard blow
How does a flower grow
What makes the rain
Auf wiedersehen
Bye-bye, aloha, yo
Did we try our best, you ask me—why
Did you try your worst
Everything’s a test with you, a game
With the rules reversed
Till I told myself, “you little fool
You don’t have to play.”
I used to keep the freaking score
But now all I do is say, hey
Bye-bye, aloha, yo
Bet me to win, not show
I’m out in front
You’ll have to punt
Or shoot the moon
I told you the rules were weird
And now I’ve disappeared
With far less than half our dough
Don’t say I dealt you low
You got a deal
Hey, it’s been real
Bye-bye, aloha, yo
Bye-bye, aloha, yo
Or as the French’ll tell you
“Ta, ta!  And cheerio!”
Hey, it had to be done, you son of a gun
I’m leaving you
Before you can count to one
You could be banking
On a last-minute tear
Well, sorry, my dear
The tears’re shed and
Dead and buried long ago
So, I’m so over you
It feels real good to be splittin’
You’re dead wood, little kitten
Fin’ly gonna see some sunshine
Without you
Banish all the doom and gloom
All about you
Ev’ryone’s been wondering when
I guess I wanted to be sure
And I am positively positive
In telling you
Aloha, yo
Westward ho
Like an Okie
Don’t be so surprised
You should have seen it coming
Ages ago, Daddy-o
And if you ask me
Is there anything I think you should learn
I’ll only tell you
What my mama always taught me
And my mama always said
That when you sell, sell high
Oh, and when you
Buy, buy low
That’s the only way to grow
There’s nothing lower than the lows
That I’ve had with you
She knew a thing or two
Maybe I’ll be sorry–I don’t see how
Anyway, I’m saying ciao
And sayonara, baby
Maybe I’ll repeat it for emphasis
And in a voice like this, fortissimo
Aloha, yo