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Jan-Jun 2015 | Tom Toce Music

Jan-Jun 2015

Mister Victor’s Cabaret For Hipsters: Songs of the 1990s

If you want to attract young people to cabaret, you can’t do it with Gershwin. You have to win them with music they know and love. This show features some iconic songs from the 90s—by Green Day, Oasis, and Coldplay—as well as some equally wonderful if lesser-known gems from the non-pop world (alt-county, musical theater, and, yes, cabaret). They do write ‘em like they used to, if you know where to look!

Two evenings, June 16 (T) and June 17 (W) both at 9:30
$25 cover and a $20 food/drink minimum
Buy tickets at

Call 212-695-6909 for information only

Starring Kyra Atekwana, Kimberly Hawkey, Stearns Matthews, Justin McEllroy, and Mikki Sodergren. Musical direction by Madeline Smith. Produced and directed by Tom Toce

Tom reprises the Mac Award Winning Songs show at the New York Sheet Music Society

May 9 saw another performance of Mac Award Winning Songs, starring Lianne Marie Dobbs, Minda Larsen, Kristoffer Lowe, Sidney Myer, and Devon Lavinia Yates, under the musical direction and accompaniment of Tracy Stark. Marcus Simeone and Mary Liz McNamara were guest performers, performing their own MAC Award winning songs. Tom directed and produced–and also sang two numbers, Carol Hall’s “This Is My Birthday” and his own MAC Award winning song “Shalom, Santa,” co-written with Doug Cohen.

Tom’s song wins the Producer’s Choice Prize in the Dirty Little Songs competition

Dirty Little Songs is a wonderful cabaret show starring Carolyn Montgomery-Forant, Eric Michael Gillett, and Jay Rogers. The show features–guess what?–dirty songs, and in January they announced a dirty song competition. Tom had such a song, written a few years ago with the composer Joseph Thalken for a musical that never got off the ground. “He Leaves His Deposits With Me” did not win the competition, that distinction went to Amy Wolk and Will TN Hall’s “The Brit Song.” But Tom and Joe’s song took the “producer’s choice” prize and will be featured in subsequent performances of Dirty Little Songs.

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