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New York Sheet Music Society review of Living Standards | Tom Toce Music

New York Sheet Music Society review of Living Standards

Jerry Osterberg reviewing in the New York Sheet Music Society’s newsletter calls LIVING STANDARDS “an extraordinary collection of

“Working closely with the always-engaging Marissa Mulder, Tom presented Living Standards, an extraordinary collection of compositions of more recent vintage. From the very first song–“They Don’t Write ‘Em Like They Used To” (Tom Toce & Bill Zeffiro) to the encore–“You Make Me Laugh” (Shelly Markham & Tom Toce), the entire performance was charming, poignant, and elegant. To have the benefit of decades of exceptional songs from which to choose is a wonderful thing. While the debate will undoubtedly continue as to whether or not today’s composers and lyricists are capable of producing songs of quality, Tom Toce has provided strong evidence that the simple answer is yes! In spending months to put together the program, and recruiting such exceptionally talented performers as Marissa Mulder and Nate Buccieri to present the results, he may well have motivated us to do some serious searching of our own.”

Jerry Osterberg review

Thanks, Jerry!

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