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The Wrong Man | Tom Toce Music

The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man appears on

Hopelessly In Love: The Lyrics Of Tom Toce
Featuring Carole J. Bufford, Jack Donahue, And Jennifer Sheehan
with a guest appearance by Jane Monheit

Sung by Jennifer
Music by Douglas J. Cohen

Piano: Matthew Martin Ward
Bass: Boots Maleson

The Wrong Man

I always dreamed
That life would be like the movies
Maybe Ginger and Fred
Maybe Hepburn and Tracy
I constantly dreamed
That life would be like the movies
Panoramic at times
And at times rather racy
So my dreams all came true
As dreams so rarely do
But the movies my life has resembled
Aren’t the ones that you cried at
Or sighed at wide-eyed at
They’re the ones that you went to
And trembled
Sure, my life’s like the movies
You want to know which
My life’s like a picture by Hitchcock
Hah, hah
There’s the hitch
That’s why I’m always with
The wrong man
Yeah, the wrong man
The guy you chase for no good reason
Except to fit with Hitchcock’s plan
The wrong man
Yeah, the wrong man
The clear mistake who pricks your interest
The way no right man can
Always Peter Lorres
And never Cary Grants
Why, oh why, do I deny
Those Cary Grants their chance
Lovely men pass by me
Like strangers on a train
Why am I held spellbound by
The psychos that remain

The wrong man
Yeah, the wrong man
The kind you’re sure your mother’d love
If she’s a Tony Perkins fan
I come to this conclusion
Which I grieve to put in words
Romance, alas, is for the birds