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You’re in Love Again | Tom Toce Music

You’re in Love Again

You’re in Love Again appears on

Hopelessly In Love: The Lyrics Of Tom Toce
Featuring Carole J. Bufford, Jack Donahue, And Jennifer Sheehan
with a guest appearance by Jane Monheit

Sung by Carole and Jennifer
Music by Zina Goldrich

Piano: Matthew Martin Ward
Bass: Boots Maleson

You’re in Love Again

You’re in love again
Your heart is pumping faster
As if it knows disaster’ll strike
You’re in love again
You know you should be wary
The way you weren’t with Gary and Mike
But you’re not the kind to worry
Never inclined to mope
Flash him a smile and pile up on Kleenex
All you can do is hope
And hope’s the thing, baby, with feathers
Give it some space and it flies
Not lots of guys have been big on hope
Who offered hope?  Jonathan?  Nope
You’re in love again
Absurdity incarnate
You hope he calls–and darn it, he does
You can see it now
He’s gonna have some problems
A temper, cocaine, or a wife
Or some major shtick with his mother
He’s dying to paint you as very maternal
Of course, there’s no denying you are
“Cause, sister, if you weren’t
You’d not have
Been so badly burnt
So what have
Been the lessons learnt
That still you fall in love